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How to Redeem Your Free Audit Code

We are pleased to provide you with a way to experience attending one live Power Hour session of your choice for free! Simply follow the steps outlined and contact your Account Executive with any questions.

1. Select your training by viewing our SCHEDULE.

2. Select the class of your choice by entering in the parameters at the top of the screen. When you’re ready, click on ADD TO CART.

3. Start the Checkout Process by clicking on the CART.

4. Confirm the class you are about to enroll into is accurate. Then, click on CHECK OUT.

(Note: The site will ask if you would like to upgrade to an Power Hour Club Membership. This is not included in the Free Audit Code. You may click on “No Thank You”, or you add this to your cart for purchase.)

5. Complete the account form and click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT.

6. On the Account Details screen, review your information. Then, click on APPLY CODE and enter your personalized Audit Code.

NOTE: While your Audit Code is processing, do not click on the back button in your browser.

7. Once completed, it will state your order has been accepted! Click on RETURN TO COURSES to review your Upcoming Power Hour Classes!