David Lalonde


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Training should be engaging and fun. Students are more likely to interact with the class and understand new concepts if they are sincerely enjoying the training experience.


David joined the New Horizons team in 2015 as an applications instructor. He is a lifelong public speaker who feels right at home in front of an audience. David calls upon an impressive range of experiences to deliver top notch training. As a former radio news broadcaster, he uses his “radio voice” to keep students engaged in the classroom. As a US Army veteran, David has designed, written, and delivered training for Iraqi police officers as well as Iraqi criminal investigation units. His additional experiences include creating storyboards for virtual training, training research, and musical performances.


MOS: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Expert Microsoft Office Microsoft Excel Microsoft Visio Microsoft OneNote Microsoft PowerPoint Office 365, Outlook, One Drive

courses with David Lalonde

Intermediate 05 Hrs 56 Min David Lalonde

This is the intermediate course in the Microsoft Word 2019 series. This course expands upon the topics covered in the Word 2019 Introduction course. In this course, students will work with, create, manage, and customize Styles, Templates, and Themes. Students will also work with various types of data in Word using Tables, advanced Copy and Paste commands, and Charts. Students will then review advanced document layout options in Word and various collaboration tools. Lastly, students will work with graphic elements such as pictures, text boxes, shapes, the Drawing Canvas, SmartArt, Text Effects, Typography Effects, WordArt, and Equations. Additional graphic element features such as grouping, layering, and moving objects will also be covered.

Last Release: 05/28/19
Advanced 04 Hrs 42 Min David Lalonde

In this course, students will learn the various collaboration tools in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 such as reusing slides, creating slides from Word, and working with Excel. Students will learn to utilize the power of Slide Masters, create custom themes, and design custom templates. In addition, students will learn to create exciting presentations by animating text and objects, add slide transitions, and use advanced graphic features including SmartArt, and audio and video. Finally, students will present like a pro by using advanced presentation features including annotations, hyperlinks and action buttons, timings, recordings, and creating videos, and review additional advanced slideshow options.

Last Release: 04/19/19
Beginner 05 Hrs 02 Min David Lalonde

In this course, students will get started with PowerPoint 2019 and become familiar with the Ribbon, interface, and navigation options. Additionally, students will create a presentation and work with various features and commands to make it easier to work in PowerPoint. Students will also review presentation editing options, text formatting options, various graphic options and insertion methods, how to add, edit, and format tables and charts in a presentation, and various presentation preparation and delivery options.

Last Release: 02/18/19
Beginner 02 Hrs 10 Min David Lalonde

This course is designed to familiarize users with the general navigation and functionality of OneNote 2013. Students will work with adding content to OneNote Notebooks, reviewing how to use OneNote collaboratively, using OneNote with other applications, and managing notebooks and their content.

Last Release: 05/01/18
Beginner 04 Hrs 35 Min David Lalonde

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic functionality and user interface of Microsoft Word 2016. In this course, students will learn the basics of saving and opening documents and review the interface. Students will practice text navigation, selection, entry, and various other text formatting and editing commands and features. Additionally, students will work with bulleted and numbered lists, tables, and their various features and options. Students will also work with graphics and the various tools available in Word 2016 to format and edit them. Lastly, this course will cover various options for viewing documents, proofing options for documents, and settings to prepare documents for distribution and publication.

Last Release: 05/01/18