Jeffrey Peterson


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Teaching is like writing a book. I can't make you excited by telling you it's exciting; I have to show you how exciting it is, then you can experience it for yourself. Being a good instructor is about inviting people to make connections and explore possibilities, not just telling them what to do.


Jeffrey earned his Bachelor’s degree in French and Film & Media Studies. He complimented this degree with three years of linguistics training. At New Horizons, Jeffrey has been able to continue developing his own skills and interests in technology and share his passion for teaching. As an editor for an arts publication, a writing tutor, and as a coach, Jeffrey has experience guiding collaborators, clients, and students to discover their own interests and do what works best for their learning. His approach is to help them affirm what they do know, as well as encourage them to learn more. In addition to Microsoft Office, Jeffrey is looking forward to teaching Adobe's design and publishing software, and he would be happy to learn anything else that interests his students.


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