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"As a trainer, my primary responsibility is to understand my student’s needs and tailor my delivery of material to address those needs. Every class is different—driven by the experience levels of the students, along with their associated interests. It’s my job to determine what they need, and the most appropriate way to fulfill that need."

Richard is an experienced IT professional and technical trainer with over 20 years of industry experience as a Developer, Systems Analyst, and Database Administrator. As an instructor, Richard specializes in Visual Studio, .NET development, and Microsoft SQL Server database technology. His teaching integrates blended modalities, from the traditional classroom to Online LIVE virtual learning. In addition to SQL Server Administration and Development, Web Development is his favorite topic to teach. In addition to his training responsibilities, Richard was also a member of the team developing the Sales Force training program at New Horizons. Prior to becoming and technical trainer at New Horizons, Richard had a long career as an IT professional, which has imbued his teaching with a practical perspective on real-world challenges and solutions. He worked for a wide range of companies, such as Big Y Foods Incorporated, LEGO Systems Incorporated, Nike, Barnes and Noble, and i2 Technologies.

CREDENTIALS SQL Server 2012 MCSA MCSE Data Platform MCSE BusinessIntelligence SQL Server 2008 MCTIP Database Administrator MCTIP Database Developer Microsoft Certified Solution Developer Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Windows / Web

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