Teri Buoncuore


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Making the students better than when they walked in the room, by transferring knowledge in a fun and interactive way. Real-life scenarios make a what they learn ‘mean something’ and their new knowledge can be implemented immediately


With over 17 years of corporate training and training consultant experience, Teri’s passion is People. Her experience for supporting organizations across diverse industries, in training and onboarding, program development, and office management, has been the hallmark of her career. Teri’s skills and knowledge allow her training to be relevant to those she educates. She uses her real-world practicalities to help her students understand what she’s teaching in a realistic and meticulous way. With patience and a relentless desire to educate, Teri’s passion for knowledge comes through in the classroom setting. She strives to ensure each of her student comes away with a functional knowledge of the subject at hand. Watching students grasp the material presented is something that reaffirms Teri’s enthusiasm for training. As a former Learning Manager, Teri has successfully developed countless minds and shaped the careers of 100+ employees under her guidance. She is constantly brainstorming different ways of making learning fun, interactive, and exciting for her students.


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courses with Teri Buoncuore

Beginner 03 Hrs 14 Min Teri Buoncuore

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic functionality and user interface of Microsoft Word 2019. In this course, students will learn the basics of saving and opening documents and review the interface. Students will practice text navigation, selection, entry, and various other text formatting and editing commands and features. Additionally, students will work with bulleted and numbered lists, tables, and their various features and options. Students will also work with graphics and the various tools available in Word 2019 to format and edit them. Lastly, this course will cover various options for viewing documents, proofing options for documents, and settings to prepare documents for distribution and publication.

Last Release: 04/01/19